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1. VitaFuse Signature Infusion
Take Control of your health. Restore vitality, increase your energy and just feel better overall. Our customized, balanced solution quickly replenishes the vitamins and minerals you need for energy, optimal health and well-being. Achieve the maximum effectiveness of essential nutrients by sending them directly to your cells. This IV is great for general nutritional supplementation.

2. Weight Loss Formula
Safely reduce body fat and control cravings with an infusion of our uniquely formulated, weight-loss solution. Receiving vitamins intravenously decreases the likelihood of experiencing severe hunger, because your cells are not “starving” for important nutrients.

3. Anti Aging and Skin Rejuvenation
Antioxidants help repair damage caused by stress, poor nutrition and aging. We deliver anti-aging nutrients directly to your cells where they’re needed most. This solution will help you combat the aging process, hydrate and repair cells, and improve your skin’s appearance and elasticity.

4. Energy
Don’t live with exhaustion. Increase your energy, focus and stamina. Safely saturate your cells with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body requires. This formula uses only natural ingredients that the body needs for energy. It avoids stimulants like caffeine and guarna which are often found in popular energy drinks.

5. Immunity Booster
The best defense is a good offense! Go on the attack against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Bolster your immunity with our formula that contains immune-boosting nutrients. Give your body the fundamental tools it needs to fight and win!

6. Athletic Performance
Our athletic performance IV is the best option before starting an exercise program that includes high physical demands. It’s a great option for those training for Marathons, Triathlons, Pre-season training and just intense body shaping. This formula works best when provided in a series of 4-8, depending on the timing of the event. It has important B vitamins and other important nutrients that help muscles, endurance, and energy.

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