What can I expect when visiting an Integrative Medicine Practice?

Integrative medicine devotes time to listening to the patient and globally assessing the entire life history.  This process can take 1 to 1.5 hrs.  Much discussion surrounds genetics, childhood stressors or illness, environmental/occupational exposure, social habits, diet, stress, relationships and how this related to disease manifestation.  The physical exam is detail-oriented. The plan of care is comprehensive, including but not limited to supplements, intravenous therapy, identification of a dietary plan, exercise, adequate sleep and stress management.  A significant amount of time is devoted to education and explaining how to operationalize the treatment plan. Laboratory analysis is extensive and often involves testing of many nutrients and hormones that may demonstrate deficiencies.  The plan of care is modified based on the laboratory analysis and any food allergy testing required.  Often, patients can be titrated down and sometimes eliminate the need for certain pharmaceutical medications just through the comprehensive plan of care.