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Welcome to Nature Studio Yoga

East Aurora, NY’s Premiere Open Air Yoga & Healing Arts Studio

Offering daily Zoom & studio yoga classes, specialty workshops, and private instruction.


Class Pass Offerings

Studio Class Passes

NEW STUDENT PASS: $85/month, UNLIMITED classes

Single Class Drop-in: $17

Single Class Drop-in (Student, Veteran, Seniors 63+ Discount): $13

Unlimited Monthly Class Pass: $120

10 Class Pass (Good for 6 Months):  $120

10 Class Pass (Good for 6 Months) (Student, Veteran, Seniors 63+ Discount): $110


Zoom / Virtual Yoga Class Passes 

Single Class Drop-in: $10

5 Class Pass (Our Best Deal!): $45

Class Descriptions

All Levels Flow – This class is designed to increase strength, flexibly, and mental stamina.  Classes have a strong focus on breath work, awareness, and balance between activity and receptivity. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace. Several different variations of postures are offered allowing students to modify or intensify according to their own level of practice.

Flow – Dharma Flow is a modern interpretation of classical Eight-limbed or Hatha-Raja Yoga, deeply rooted in ethical precepts that includes elements of flowing Vinyasa, inversions and held poses that will help you to discover concentration, meditation, abiding contentedness and deep healing relaxation.

Flow & Strength – This flow based class will have you working up a sweat, while toning and strengthening your muscles through body weight exercises. Connect your mind and body through core work, arms, and legs to build endurance mindfully. You’ll leave feeling that yoga glow of hard work and relaxation!

Hatha Flow – Hatha Yoga is defined as movement that develops strength, flexibility, bodily relaxation, and mental concentration. Hatha classes are designed for mixed-level participants and provide a balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles.

Restorative – This is a gentle class with the aid of props – blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps. This practice is great for anyone looking to slow down, relieve stress, calm the excessive mind chatter, or even for those recovering from injuries.

Slow Flow – Learn to combine breathing, flowing postures and meditation in this gentle, but deep approach to Vinyasa yoga. This slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm. Yoga poses are linked to breath to help reveal body awareness, inner strength and easeful opening.


Our Goal

was to create a space like no other, with evidence based healing modalities woven directly into the design. Our guests often state they feel different energy as they walk through the beautiful, wooden arched doors. If you study closely, you will see the attention to detail, eco-friendly materials, and repurposing of items from the stable's past. You may feel calmer simply by being here, immersed in nature.

The design is based on the concepts of 'Biophilic Design'

which draws in nature, resets your circadian rhythm, and studies show can elevate your mood, and even lower you heart rate and blood pressure. In our fast paced world, we wanted to offer a space to slow down and be present, grounded, and in touch with Mother Earth. From heated cork floors, healing crystals, halotherapy (salt lamp) panels, plants, and therapeutic grade essential oils, the Studio utilizes an array of healing modalities. The natural light and forest views invite us to quiet the noise of life and turn our attention inward.

During temperate weather (Spring and Summer) times, the Studio adds another dimension to your practice- transforming into a truly unique, open-air Yoga experience.

Meet Our Instructors


Rachna Clerici

Rachna brings her peaceful and nurturing spirit to the studio, guiding students through a motivating, revitalizing, and inspiring practice. Her classes focus on integration of breath, alignment of body and quietude of mind. She concurs that this practice becomes essential to balance the whirlwind of life.

For Rachna, teaching and practicing yoga is pure passion. She loves to share the practice of yoga with children, teens and adults alike. With over 20 years of practicing and 13 years of teaching, Rachna continues to learn, share, and connect with others. Rachna enjoys many types of yoga but her top picks are Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga. Outside the studio she enjoys wholesome cooking, time with her family, traveling, hiking, reading, poetry, creating mandalas, and other free forms of art.

“Yoga is the emergent light that shines into your soul and radiates out into the world. It is a sacred dwelling inside your heart where mind, body and spirit become the essential harmony of your soul. Yoga is a promise of beauty blossoming every day. “-Rachna

Certifications & Training:
-200 hour Essential Yoga Open Sky 2006 (Iyengar-Inspired Hatha)
-200 hour Essential Yoga Open Sky 2016 (Iyengar-Inspired Hatha)
-Relax and Renew Restorative with Judith Lasater 2008
-Rainbow Kids Yoga 2011
-Para Yoga Nidra 2020
-Continuing Yoga Education and Workshops


Nikki Wallace

Nikki Wallace began her work in the fitness industry to help others achieve health through movement and self-awareness. Her experience as a functional fitness trainer allowed her to work with a wide variety of clientele whose needs all differed, but these individuals all benefitted from work on mobility and breathwork. Nikki also found that through the practice of yoga, her own stress and tension was eased.

To supplement her knowledge as a National Council on Strength and Fitness CPT, and her studies at Buffalo’s D’Youville College for Exercise Science and Chiropractic, Nikki chose to pursue further education in yoga. She has completed her RYT 200 through Sacred Paths Yoga, with a focus on Hatha and Restorative Yoga. It is Nikki’s belief that movement can be both medicine and meditation, and she hopes to share her love of nature, yoga and other fitness modalities with her community.


Michelle Duke

Michelle's yogic journey began in 2015 in Delray Beach, FL where she completed her RYT-200 in Vinyasa Flow. From there, she taught all levels while completing her certification in Trauma Conscious Yoga. Once certified, Michelle began teaching yoga to veterans with PTSD. She has taught heated vinyasa, Yin and led workshops in handstands and balance poses.

While she was deployed for the Army in 2016-2017, she volunteered to lead the Yoga program, and then earned her E-RYT in 2018. She also assisted in the production of Florida’s largest Yoga Festival from 2014-2016.

Michelle moved to Buffalo with her wife in May of 2021. They are outdoor and fitness enthusiasts and spend the vast amount of their free time outside or training at a local CrossFit gym . You can also catch them learning to boulder and climb at an indoor climbing gym.

Health and wellness has always been Michelle's passion and she loves helping others. She has been an Army Medic for the last 8 years, recently became a Registered Nurse, and together with her wife, owns a nutrition company.

Her current certifications include:

- Bachelors of Science in Nursing
- ERYT-200
- Yoga Alliance Registered
- Connected Warriors Trauma Conscious Yoga
- CF-L2 Trainer
- Power Monkey Fitness Gymnastics
- Precision Nutrition Level 1
- USA Weightlifting Coach

Michelle is grateful for each class and the opportunity to share space with you!


Courtney Hall

Courtney believes that centering yoga in your life is key to deepening the spiritual, emotional, and physical relationship you have with yourself and the world, both on and off the mat.

She holds her RYT-200 in Tantra Yoga from Vira Bhava Yoga School. She also has her BA in English, Creative Writing from the University of Mary Washington. Courtney currently teaches Restorative and Hatha yoga at University at Buffalo to students, faculty and staff. When she’s not on the mat, she enjoys spending time with her husband, toddler, 2 cats and old dog.


Aris Otminski

Aris’ passion for wellness has been her driving force over the last 10 years. It is what led her to pursue an education in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She holds a BS Exercise Science, and MS Nutrition, she is CPR/First Aid Certified and FMCHC (Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach) in progress, expected completion June 2017.
While in college, Aris developed a love for yoga, and is a RYT Registered Yoga Teacher. It was a way for her to move, release stress, and tap into a peaceful place in her mind that she hadn’t experienced before. Her relationship with yoga began with the Bikram practice, but has expanded to many other areas, including Hatha, Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, and many others. Aris began her Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 and received her certification in 2016 in Hot Yoga (similar to Bikram) and Hatha Yoga. She has an appreciation for all forms of yoga and is always eager to learn more.
While on a yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia, Aris was inspired to dedicate her life to the health and wellness of others. She decided to quit her full-time job so that she could focus on sharing her love for yoga through teaching. She also began her training to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at this time, where she is learning how to be a guide for others to become the healthiest versions of themselves – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
In Aris’ classes she encourages a focus on the breath throughout the asanas – seeing the practice as a breathing, moving mediation, and approaching your practice with love, patience, acceptance, and gratitude.

Kristie Stephens

Kristie’s yoga journey, which began as an intermittent breather from the daunt of raising four children, has evolved into a lifelong commitment to the restorative powers of self-care. Through years of self-study she has come to understand that yoga's most powerful benefit is the gained ability to offer kindness and compassion to one’s self.

In 2013 she completed her 200 hour teaching certification at Healing Waters in East Aurora. Since that time she has been teaching various forms of yoga from Gentle/Restorative to vigorous Vinyasa and everything in between. She continues to further her education with multiple trainings and workshops.

When not practicing yoga, Kristie spends most of her free time sparring with her children over the importance of disconnecting from their I-whatever’s and getting outdoors!
Kristie Stephens is a certified E-RYT200 with Yoga Alliance

elaina berst
RYT200 (substitute)

Elaina Berst

I aspire to give my students a deeper understanding of the mind body connection and a foundation to move more intelligently. I aim to give my students time to find pause, both on and off of their mats, to encourage a better understanding of themselves and to find happiness in the lives that they are living.
My love of a nice juicy stretch and the opportunity to move my body creatively is what originally brought me to yoga. I have been practicing for roughly 20 years, at times more intensely than others. I decided to become a teacher to deepen my own practice, to have the ability to continue learning from my students and, above all, to share my passion of this practice with others in hopes that they can benefit from my experiences. I completed my 200 teacher training through Soma Cura on Grand Island and have been teaching for about two years. Besides yoga, I am an avid reader and snowboarded, a nature and animal lover, and mother to an amazing baby girl.
sorren cooke
RYT200 (substitute)

Sorren Cooke

I am a proud dog mom of a 4 old pug named Rosie Quartz and love spending time with my family and friends. I am an adventure seeker and enjoy helping others! I enjoy teaching and using yoga as a means to connect to myself along with something higher than myself, maintaining my body in a happy and healthy way is what sets my soul on fire.. I strongly believe that bridging body and breath in strengthening and restorative ways is beneficial, once we help heal ourselves, we can heal our community. Namaste ✌️

Nature Studio Yoga Post COVID-19 Protocols

Questions?  Email us at

Our mindful procedures are designed to help keep YOU and our staff safe and well.

BEFORE LEAVING for Nature Studio, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a fever?
  • Do I have a dry cough?
  • Do I have a sore throat?
  • Do I have a runny nose?
  • Have I lost the sense of smell or taste?
  • Have a traveled on commercial transportation domestically or internationally in the last 14 days?
  • Do I live with anyone who is sick or quarantined?


If you answer yes to any of the above, you are welcome to take a virtual class but “in studio” class participation is prohibited.

If no, here’s what you can expect in studio:

  • Pre-registration is recommended for all classes (either via MINDBODY or below).  If you are having difficultly accessing your pass or purchasing a new pass, please reach out using email above or call 716.714.9347.
  • Masks are no longer required for vaccinated individuals per NYS Guidance rolled out mid-May 2021.  If you would like to continue to wear your mask, you are certainly fine in doing so.
  • Safety and cleanliness are our top priority.  We have always maintained a clean and safe studio environment.  Whenever you enter our building, you have always enjoyed ozone in our ambient air, halotherapy and an Austin Air Purifier system.  However, we have upped our game by using hospital grade disinfectants on all surfaces and sanitizing high-touch surfaces after every class.  We also close the studio and run Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UV-C) during the overnights.  This process reaches all hard and soft surfaces within the yoga room.  Sanitation stations are located throughout the building.   Note:  Nature Studio meets or exceeds the NY Forward Safety Plan and CDC cleaning guidance and you are welcomed to review our protocols at any time while in studio.
  • Props – you may bring your own props (mats, etc), however, props are available for usage during class.  If you borrow any props, they must be disinfected after class with supplies provided by teacher.  Leave the props out after class so they may be properly dried and subjected to the UV-C germicidal irradiation that evening.


Class Cancellations:

  • Cancel more than 8 hours prior to class – no charge
  • Cancel 2-8 hours prior to class – $10 charge if unable to fill spot
  • No shows will be charged at their normal rate