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Welcome to Nature Studio

East Aurora, NY’s Premiere Open Air Yoga & Healing Arts Studio

Offering daily open studio yoga classes, individual & group private instruction, and specialty workshops.


Open Studio Offerings

Please note: Registration closes 60 minutes prior to class.

Class Descriptions

Advanced Flow – This class is for anyone that is looking to take their yoga practice to the next level. Expect a dynamic and creatively-sequenced flow that will help you reconnect with your body, your breath, and allow you the opportunity to still the mind.

Beyond the Pose – An intention-based class that unites the breath with your body, offering a variety of poses that are accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners. Classes will include building strength in the core, balance in the body, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. Setting an intention is a way of carrying our yoga practice off the mat and into the world, where that intention can translate to other aspects of life.

Embodied Flow – The embodied yoga practice is an inquiry into one’s own body. This embodied flow class will invite the use of meditation/pranayama, and simple functional movements to check in with our current body, and meet it where it’s at. The goal is to bring presence and peace into our days for ourselves and therefore eachother as a collective sharing space. We do this by tuning into the sensations we feel within our own body, moment to moment through the practice, and listen to what it’s telling us. We move through static and dynamic movements, while connecting with the breath and the sensations that arise. This practice helps us embody the spiritual practice of yoga, and bridge the values of yoga into daily life. This will be a slower paced class. Accessible for all levels. Modifications through the practice may be made to suit the needs of various practitioners.

Energetic Continuous Flow – A fluid movement class that connects the yoga asanas in a dance-like flow.  Appropriate for all levels, this class cultivates a body-mind-spirit connection that encourages you to flow at the pace, and making the shapes, that feel good for you.  With the mindset of “being here now” and turning in to your inner self the class aims to have you feel energized, uplifted and empowered.

Express Morning Flow – A shorter Vinyasa class to get your practice in on days you may not have time in your schedule for a longer class. Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic system of practicing asana (poses), you’ll still end in Savasana and have moments of mindfulness incorporated to give you a well rounded practice in the shorter length of time. This class can be challenging; but is appropriate for all levels.

Gentle Morning Flow – a gentle and intentional way to start your day.  This class offers a combination of gentle, longer holds with slow but dynamic flows. Suitable for all levels, this class aims to help your body gently wake up and feel empowered to take on the day with inner balance and serenity.

Gentle/Restorative – This healing practice alleviates stress, quiets the mind and brings awareness to the body. Props are used to help support the body in postures, gradually increasing flexibility and releasing tension. There is a strong focus on breath work (to help activate and calm the nervous system) and an extended relaxation. This class is perfect for all practitioners, regardless of experience and those looking to heal from injury.

Hatha Yoga (Rise & Align) – Hatha Yoga is defined as movement that develops strength, flexibility, bodily relaxation, and mental concentration. Hatha classes are designed for mixed-level participants and provide a balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles.

Nature Yoga – Take your practice outdoors with this Vinyasa based yoga class. Class will be held on the Cardea grounds, taking in the beauty of nature while practicing an energizing Vinyasa class that includes breath awareness and meditative moments. When weather is not permitting class will move into the studio, the beauty of Nature Studio will be available rain or shine taking advantage of the uniqueness of the studio having both gorgeous landscaping and the feeling of nature even within the studio space. Some yoga experience encouraged for this class.

Slow Flow – Learn to combine breathing, flowing postures and meditation in this gentle, but deep approach to Vinyasa yoga. This slower-paced flow class allows time to explore the postures while cultivating strength, flexibility, balance, and calm. Yoga poses are linked to breath to help reveal body awareness, inner strength and easeful opening.

Vinyasa Flow (Mindful Flow) – Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic system of practicing asanas (poses). This practice focuses on the synchronization of breath & the continuous flow of movement. Vinyasa is a strong practice that builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. This class can be challenging; but is appropriate for all levels. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace.

Yin/Storative – This class combines deep Yin poses with breathwork and meditation, followed by sinking into restful restorative poses and a longer savasana.  If you’re looking to take your practice more inward while also benefiting from longer, gentler asanas, this is the class for you.

Studio Class Passes

NEW Student Pass (30 Days) : $40

Single Drop in Class: $16

Single Drop-in Class (Student/Veteran/First Responder/Senior 63+): $14 – (Ask in studio or email/call Nature Studio to process this pass)

10 Class Pass (Good for 12 Months): $140

10 Class Pass (Good for 12 Months – Student/Vet/1st Responder/Sr 63+): $120 – (Ask in studio or email/call Nature Studio to process this pass)

1 Month Unlimited Class Pass :  $100

Seasonal Specials – We occasionally run 10 Class Pass & Unlimited Month Specials throughout the year.  You can find them on our Social Media Pages (@NatureStudioYoga) or find our Nature Studio Yoga in the MINDBODY app.

Private Offerings

Individual/Group Private Yoga Classes and Specialty Workshops available by appointment.  To inquire or schedule, send email to:


Our Goal

was to create a space like no other, with evidence based healing modalities woven directly into the design. Our guests often state they feel different energy as they walk through the beautiful, wooden arched doors. If you study closely, you will see the attention to detail, eco-friendly materials, and repurposing of items from the stable's past. You may feel calmer simply by being here, immersed in nature.

The design is based on the concepts of 'Biophilic Design'

which draws in nature, resets your circadian rhythm, and studies show can elevate your mood, and even lower you heart rate and blood pressure. In our fast paced world, we wanted to offer a space to slow down and be present, grounded, and in touch with Mother Earth. From heated cork floors, healing crystals, halotherapy (salt lamp) panels, plants, and therapeutic grade essential oils, the Studio utilizes an array of healing modalities. The natural light and forest views invite us to quiet the noise of life and turn our attention inward.

During temperate weather (Spring and Summer) times, the Studio adds another dimension to your practice- transforming into a truly unique, open-air Yoga experience.

Meet Our Teachers

Elizabeth Graham – Yoga Lead 

Elizabeth is a RYT-500Hr level yoga teacher.  She has been practicing yoga for nearly 26 years and was drawn to how the practice helped calm her nervous system.  She is certified in many different styles of yoga including Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Meditation, among others.

Yoga was a grounding practice for Elizabeth when she moved coast to coast, then north, south and back up the East Coast.  Yoga also helped her navigate her healing journey while battling chronic illnesses and all the physical/mental stressors that surfaced during that period of her life.  Her passion for yoga has extended to her family; her husband is in the process of becoming a yoga teacher himself and their beautiful 5 year old daughter loves to practice and “teach” yoga and meditation.  

She enjoys helping people feel comfortable in their own bodies, encouraging them to slow down and go inward, as well as teaching them to move their bodies in ways they didn’t think they were capable of.  Throughout each class, she encourages students to bring awareness to their breath and become more aware of how their mind, body and soul are feeling in the present moment, without judgement or a need to change.  

Maria Pelow – Yoga Lead 

Maria discovered the benefits of yoga practice over 15 years ago while working as full-time member of the NY Air National Guard and raising her young daughter.  Maria fell in love with the idea of her and her daughter being able to find peace on their mats and learning skills to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance.

In 2018, Maria’s yoga journey changed when her daughter moved away.  This shift led to her becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance, and a NASM Certified Wellness Coach and participatation in the Veteran Yoga Project (VYP) Mindfulness Resilience for Trauma Recovery training, and Warriors at Ease – Level 1 training.

Maria applies what she learned in her training to share a deeper understanding of the yogic philosophies, the benefits of a proper mediation practice, and positive effects of mindful breathing exercises. She also uses these skills to aid others in their personal life through stress reduction, relaxation, and recharging.

Kristie Stephens

KristieKristie Stephens is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

Kristie brings with her years of experience, knowledge, a deep passion for yoga and a love for all her students. She will be offering an All Levels Flow class every Sunday at 9:30am and a Gentle/Restorative on Thursday mornings at 9:30am.

Carley Buck

Carley has been practicing yoga for 15 years, using the physical asana portion of the practice to stay fit, flexible and feeling good. It wasn’t until attending teacher training in 2014/15, that she fell in love and dove deeper into philosophy, pranayama and meditation.

Yoga has helped Carley navigate her mental health and infertility struggles with a bit more grace and now allows Carley to stay sane through being a momma to twin boys!

When attending Carley’s class, be prepared to listen to your body and experiment with intuitive movement. Also, each class will contain a little bit of core work and a little bit of mobility to ensure longevity in our physical practice!

Nikki Wallace

Nikki is a Certified Personal Trainer through NCSF.   For the last five years she has been involved in training at various Western New York health clubs, working with clients ranging from age 15 to 75.

Nikki specializes in strength and mobility training, emphasizing functional exercises to improve balance, muscular endurance, and overall quality of life.  She also has a 200Hr RYT Yoga Certification.

Ashley Puccio

Yoga has been a part of Ashley’s daily life for 24 years!  She was introduced to yoga by her high school social studies teacher in freshman year.  She began her own journey to learn yoga when there were no internet classes, DVDs, or apps!  Yoga has always been there to help Ashley, even if it was just sitting on her mat and breathing. If she could sum up yoga in just a few words, it would be ” Time is NOW”/ “Be here NOW”, as that’s all we really have.  Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, so be in the now.  As simple as that is, she’s had to remind herself and yoga has always been there to help.

Ashley is a registered Yoga Alliance RYT-200 teacher.

Joyce Jeziorski

“Yoga is more than just a series of movements. Yoga is a way of life.”

Joyce took her very first yoga class at a brewery.  It was a “ yoga & beer” class, and quite honestly, she went mainly for the beer.  After just a few weeks, yoga began to seep into her life in unexpected ways.  The anxiety and depression that she had lived with her entire life became more manageable. Chronic neck and back issues from her career as a dental hygienist began to improve.

At age 56, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training.  By the summer of 2024, she will be 500 hour YTT Certified.

She likes to think of the yoga mat as a training ground for life. The physical practice of yoga (Asana) reflects how we show up in our lives off the mat.  It allows us to seek a greater alignment with our values, and nurture the most authentic version of ourselves.

Sarah Paolini

Sarah is a 500hr RYT and a forever student of yoga and life. Sarah has been incorporating yoga practices into her lifestyle for over 15 years. She has returned home from studying in India with her mentors in Rishikesh, where she discovered a beautiful practice of Embodied yoga,  introduced to her by her Guruji Parveen Nair. She fell in love with the Embodied practice, and feels inspired to share her experiences.

She has studied different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama and Meditation, Mantra, Yoga Nidra, and the Embodied Movements style yoga practice. Sarah enjoys the Bhakti form of yoga, along with mantra chanting practices which help to ground and guide her throughout life.  She hopes to guide others through a Yoga practice taking us on a journey back home to ourselves.

Through her teachings, and experiences, she aspires to help others experience the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit, fostering holistic well-being for all.

Jen Mergler

Jen isn’t the type of instructor that believes yoga is all about “good vibes only.”  She recognizes that being human is inherently messy and complicated and always changing.  Yoga is something we can practice and live to help us navigate through our lives, no matter what that may bring us.  Connecting our minds, bodies, and breath together, we develop very powerful tools for helping us become our best selves…at our own pace, in our own time and as we see fit.

As someone who lives with chronic illnesses and pain, Jen knows the benefit of making your practice your own. If you can benefit from modifications and/or practicing outside of the one-size-fits-all mindset, you’ll love her classes.

Jordan Zimmerman


We look forward to practicing with you in our beautiful nature-based space!

Questions?  Email us at or call 716.714.9347

Cancellation Policy: Students must be registered for class using the MindBody app. Class registration closes 1 hour before class time.