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Meet Your Healthcare Team

Medical Director

Dr. Jennifer L. Jennings, DNP, FNP-BC, IFMCP

Dr. Jennings DNP, FNP-BC, IFMCP is the owner of Cardea Health Integrative in East Aurora NY, an integrative medicine practice specializing in infusion therapy.

Her clinical experience includes several years of level one trauma, neurosurgical critical care, emergency medicine, primary care and cardiothoracic surgery. In addition to her clinical experience, she was an Assistant Professor within the Graduate Department of Nursing at Georgetown University, School of Nursing and Health Studies in Washington, DC. At Georgetown, she has acted as a course coordinator and chair of the Evaluation Committee.

She was appointed Faculty inter-professional simulation representative and Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) advisor in the academic setting. In addition, she has corporate healthcare experience acting as a Corporate Manager of Clinical Education as part of the Nurse Executive team, servicing 5 hospital sites and overseeing all aspects of clinical education for the Health system with >10,000 employees.

Dr. Jennings has been appointed as “Expert Witness” in several malpractice legal cases and acted as editor for several clinical publications, and has also served on healthcare boards and volunteered her time providing care to the under-served population.

She has been appointed a podium speaker at national conferences; has peer-reviewed publications in refereed journals and was awarded a U.S. and Trademark Office Patent which was presented at the UNC Trauma Conference 2012.

Family Nurse Practitioner

Maya Bhattarai

Maya Bhattarai is a functional medicine Family Nurse Practitioner who is deeply
interested in root cause medicine, prevention of illnesses and promotion of health. She
has been FNP for close to a decade and completed further training from the Institute of
Functional Medicine. She has helped many patients with gut issues, fatigue,
autoimmune, thyroid, and others.
Maya is passionate about medical missions and sharing the love to underdeveloped
countries like Nepal. She has led mission trips to Nepal in different occasions. As a
Director of Nepal medical work, she worked actively with Nepali local staffs on mobile
clinic and building a medical clinic project (2017-2022) in the remote village-
Sindhupalchok, Nepal. In her recent trip to Nepal in May, 2022, the team celebrated the
inauguration of Nepal clinic with hundreds of local community people. The clinic is
providing much needed health care services to all ages.
Maya lives with her husband and beautiful children. At leisure, she likes reading books,
gardening, traveling, and spending time with family!

Lead Registered Nurse

Nicole Dreyer, RN, BSN

Registered Nurse

Diane Santi, RN

Registered Nurse- Colon Hydrotherapy

Linda Tyczka, RN

Registered Nurse

Rayna Weigel, RN, BSN

Practice Manager

Jonathan Phillips

Lead Administrator

Aimee Karnath

Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, Aimee has always felt a closeness to nature and wildlife. Her passion for integrative and alternative medicine came from a long journey to wellness. At the young age of 9, Aimee was hit with a plethora of life-threatening conditions. Her life as an outdoor enthusiast changed drastically when the reality of hospital stays, surgeries, and clinical trials hit. It wasn't for nearly 20 years that conventional doctors were able to determine the cause. Thankfully, Aimee had turned to alternative forms of treatment 8 years prior to her official diagnosis. Within a year of starting natural treatments, improving her diet and lifestyle, Aimee was able to stop more than a dozen prescription medications, along with two infusions, with her blood markers not only holding steady - but actually improving. Aimee was determined to help others in similar situations find hope and healing. As such, she completed her bachelors with a degree in Integrative Health Care. Through the trials and tribulations, good certainly did prevail in the end. As Aimee always says, "Challenges are what make life interesting; Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." Aimee is now healthier than ever - living for outdoor adventures, always rooting for the Buffalo Bills, and enjoying life with her husband and two wild pups.

Patient Coordinator

Danielle Celani

Danielle is a Nationally Board Certified Functional Health Coach (NBC-HWC), Mother of 5 and life-long resident of WNY. Her training is specifically targeted to Functional and Integrative Health. She is committed to assisting patients with Practitioner Protocols, individual health goals and making the necessary changes to improve health and wellness.

10 years ago, unexplained illness took a toll on her family. She remembers feeling like she was just "hanging on by a thread". She was determined to heal her family and Integrative Medicine did just that. Now, she is passionate about walking alongside patients, helping them navigate the often difficult road of chronic illness.

Danielle is also an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time hiking and gardening with her chickens and dog, Koa.

Licensed Esthetician

Christina Neaverth

I have been a licensed esthetician for 11 years with experience in both medical and resort settings. I am Laser certified and dual licensed in NY and AZ.

FNP, Registered Nurse

Marcia Shiel, FNP

About Us

The Practice

The name ‘Cardea’ (CAR-DAY-UH) is attributed to a goddess of classical Roman mythology whose name is derived from the Latin root word ‘cardo’ (i.e.: cardiac, cardinal) meaning hinge or axis.  She was therefore considered to be the goddess of health, of thresholds (both physical and spiritual), as well as a goddess of the center.  Her power is to open that which is closed, and close to that which is open – and to promote a centeredness which will lead to improved health and well-being.  It is her aspects of acceptance, grace, patience, and compassion which form the core of our principles and approach to healthcare at Cardea Health Integrative (CHI).

Cardea Health Integrative

was formerly known as Preventive Medicine and Wellness Clinic.  It was founded by Dr. Robert Barnes, DO and was located in Fredonia, NY in 1994. After 26 years practicing general surgery and family medicine, he turned his attention full-time to promoting and practicing alternative medicine.  Dr. Barnes has truly pioneered the integrative/preventive model of medicine in our area and we pay homage to him as we move forward and continue to aid in shifting the healthcare paradigm here in the WNY region.  Many of his long time patients remain with the practice to this day.  Dr. Barnes transferred ownership of the practice in 2015 to Dr. Jennifer L. Jennings, and it was subsequently rebranded as Cardea Health Integrative, or CHI.  Dr. Jen had been working with the practice for years and was the logical choice to take the solid foundation given by Dr. Barnes and bring it through to its next evolution.

Our one of a kind property is located on the “Twin Elms” Estate in Aurora, NY.

It has quite the history.