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Testimonials from our Patients

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“Dr. Jennings and the Cardea Health Team were instrumental in healing me and my family. Dr. Jennings’ collaborative approach and warm personality enveloped my family in care until we uncovered the root cause of our health issues. If it were not for Dr. Jennings and her expertise in Functional Health, her ability to really listen to her patients and create individualized care plans, we would still be searching for answers and suffering with symptoms. I’m forever grateful for her presence in our lives.”

Danielle Celani

“Dr. Jennings has completely changed my life. I was chronically exhausted and battling digestive issues and brain fog for years. I thought feeling this way was normal - it wasn't. After my initial consultation, she recommended a comprehensive blood work panel, which helped me make some lifestyle changes to improve my health drastically! I completely reversed my ailments within 3 months, and a year later I feel better than ever! Everyone should have a Dr. Jennings in their life. Thanks, Dr. Jennings and the Cardea team!”

Amanda Clark

“A gorgeous facility with a peaceful and healing atmosphere. Went for a HOCATT appointment and it was so relaxing, I was able to let go of some tension I had been holding on to for a long time. The entire property is serene and you can tell a lot of care was put into every detail. Can’t wait to return!”

Sonja Peterangelo-Riccio

“I came to Cardea after having my amalgam fillings removed. I started with Chelation and Nutrition therapy. Dr. Jennings assisted me with Thyroid and arthritis issues. Prolozone treatments to my bone on bone knee were successful and after my series of injections. I have been literally Pain Free for 8 weeks. Much better than the cortisone or synthectic gels I have tried in the past. Compassion, Cutting Edge and a Clear path of what we needed to do was laid out for me. Thankful for getting my life back on track working with the amazing Careda Staff.”

“Dr. Jennings is on the cutting edge. Amazing staff and office in beautiful East Aurora country setting!”

Colleen O'Connor

“Dr Jennifer Jennings is a wealth of knowledge, she listens, understands and is accommodating to your needs. Just walking into the building brings a sense of peace and serenity. If you have in depth health issues that aren’t getting better with conventional treatments, this is your place to find healing and a better quality of life!”

Denise Beyers

“Simply put, Cardea Health has changed my life in less than one month. I’m a 52 yo male, was 30 lbs overweight, and was suffering horrible side effect from the high blood pressure medicine that my well meaning primary care doctor put me on. I’m already ten lbs lighter, off the blood pressure med, with a healthy blood pressure, and awake, alert, focused, and sleeping much better. I could go and on about how wonderful and patient centered the care is... bottom line, if you are a person that wants to jump start your health and happiness, Cardea is for you.
And I haven’t even talked about how serene, beautiful, and calming the environment is. This is not at all your normal doctors office, it’s like a compassionate spa.
Thank you Doctor and all the staff of Cardia.”

“I have had two oxygen injections in an ankle that has altered my life and happiness for over a year due to chronic tendinitis. I ran on the treadmill this weekend and walked all over Niagara in the Lake with no pain!! I haven't been able to do what I did this weekend since June 2016. I can't thank Dr. Jennings enough for giving me my life back”

Maria Turner